our approach

Identify the threats

Subset of infeccious diseases that affects the global health

Develop innovative knowledge

Creation and validation of clinical cases by specialized medical doctors, based on scientific evidences

Train for better results

Develop a solution that allows the healhcare providers improving the performance and enhance the quality of life

Key Benefits

  • 16 real-life patient cases developed for high fidelity simulators
  • Certified and scientifically validated external entities
  • First education module worldwide
  • Compatible with several manufacturers


The epidemiology of infectious and tropical diseases is an area of strong international interest due to the enormous impact on the public health and well-being of populations, especially in developing countries. Medsimlab, a specialized company regarding health innovative solutions has identified the global need of creating an education module based on clinical cases of infectiology and tropical diseases.

SimTropic presents the translation from medical knowledge through the development of an innovative tool for tropical and infecciouns diseases diagnostic and treatment, on the scope of simulation – a subset of 16 scientifically validated clinical cases and to be used on high fidelity medical simulators.

“The power of research and innovation will improve the health and well-being of those burdened by infectious diseases of poverty” by WHO

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